Should you buy ConsenSys's Blockchain Developer Bootcamp?

Should you buy ConsenSys's Blockchain Developer Bootcamp?

I finished Blockchain Developer Bootcamp 2021, and I hope to share valuable information about it.


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Last year I wanted to expand my knowledge and learn about developing decentralized applications and learn the Web3 concepts.

I came by an awesome bootcamp organized by ConsenSys.

First of all, ensure you have the correct mindset

A good part of the course is available online, and you can also search for the information on the internet.

You are exchanging money for quality information and access to people that have already arrived at the final destination of where you want to be.

You pay to save time.

You pay for:

  • mentors
  • organized materials and content of the course
  • access to the most brilliant minds from the web3 space
  • being part of a community that is chasing the same things as you

๐Ÿ“š What to expect from the course

At this link an open-source version of the content is available. You can understand how the course is structured and what you will study.

But what is the catch if the content is open source? ๐Ÿ˜•

In the open-source version, there are many videos with explanations that are not included and many presentations with founders and CEOs of big projects. You get the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with the brilliant minds in the Web3 space.

There are weekly calls for:

  • study groups where you will learn with other students and mentors
  • presentations on different topics held by mentors and founders / CEOs of big projects
  • job presentations

๐Ÿ’ป What did I learn from this course

When I bought the course, I knew nothing about web3 concepts and frameworks or technologies used.

The course contains a lot of concepts. You won't have the time to digest every detail during the course, but you will still have access to the content after it is finished.

The most exciting part of the bootcamp was that I learned excellent skills and understood all the studied concepts while working on the final application.

I developed an application that allows users to trade tokens. I built this on top of the Uniswap Library V2, allowing users to create a new liquidity pool of tokens and provide and remove liquidity from the liquidity pool.

While working on this application, I learned how to develop and test smart contracts locally, deploy the smart contracts, and interact with the smart contract from the client application.

In the course, there is a little more focus on the truffle suite for the smart contract development, but since we were allowed to choose whatever technologies we wanted for the final project, I chose a popular alternative called hardhat. One of the reasons for doing this was to learn as many technologies as possible.

Am I recommending this?


If you have the money to pay for the course, I recommend saving your time instead of your money.

It is super important to get around people trying to achieve the same things as you, and people who have already achieved what you desire, even if you have to pay for this!